Stapled is a 2D fx face paint created using zero prosthetics.

Eyebrows were first glued down with Telesis Adhesive. Then, sections of skin were sketched out using Kryolan Aqua Color in 32B. Select areas striations are then painted to create anatomically correct muscle texture. This texture is a hand painted layering of Wolfe FX Hydrocolor in Pink with Skin Illustrator Coven, Bruise Tone and Blood Tone. The inner edges of the muscle sections are airbrushed with Bruise Tone then followed with Dark Brun. More striations were added to sharpen the muscles texture. White was used sparely to create more depth. Tendon spots were painted with the Illustrator color Sand and a wash of White.

The skin sections have a thin layer of Skin Illustrator Prairie Dust to even out the skin and clean up the over spray edges of the muscles. Sand was used to create bright high points around the skin flaps. Smashbox M6 eyeshadow was applied the create shadows and dips in the skin from being stapled. Finally, Dark Brun was painted on the edge of the muscle to further deepen the 3D effect.

Skin Illustrator Sterling was applied for the staples. Highlight and shadows were added to each one. Blood Tone was lightly added around the skin edges to look sore and inflamed. MAC Crème Brilliance Gloss is added to the muscle areas to create a wet effect followed by Fleet Street Drying Blood in Dark.

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