Corpse Face Paint


Corpse face paint inspired by drier undead characters such as The Crypt Keeper and Ivan from Hellboy.

The makeup is a combination of airbrush and hand painting techniques. To begin, eyebrows are glued down flat with Telesis Silicone Adhesive. A plastic bald cap is then pulled over the head and down over the eyebrows. Also glued with the same adhesive, the ears are cut out of the cap. Water-based Ben Nye Death Flesh is applied to create an even base. The colors Ghastly and Dead Flesh from Skin Illustrator is then airbrushed over the makeup. Glazing Gel in Character 2 applied to the eye area, then Nars Eye Paint Mesopotamia smudged around the eyes and into the lash line. Kryolan Aqua Color in 32B used to map out the skin tears and rot.

Illustrator in Dark Brun is airbrushed making breaks and textures, also to darken hollows of the skin. Lines and wrinkles are painted with both Din and Muddy Waters from the Skin illustrator Grudge Palette. Darker lines and wrinkles were added using Dark Brun and Black — these colors also created darker edges on the wounds. A layer of Darth Moss is airbrushed over the entire look making more texture and hollows. Black eyeshadow is then blended into darker areas and around the rotten spots.

Using a cut chip brush, a mixture of Midnight Brown and Black were spattered over the skin. The rotted areas are lined with Skin Illustrator in Black then Dark Brun is airbrushed inside to deepen the wounds. Black is placed in select parts on the inside to create a shadowed effect. Prairie Dust is applied around the skin tear edges and select highlights throughout. — followed by Sand for even brighter high points near the skin breaks.

Telesis Natural Adhesive is applied to the bald cap and hair is sparely placed around the head. Teeth were colored with multiple colors of Fleet Street Tooth Laquer and a mouth dye mixture. Finally, after 4 hours of makeup the white mesh eye contacts help complete the look and tie it all together.

Check out the time lapse video of the entire corpse face paint makeup application.

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