Crystal Skull


Crystal Skull face paint was inspired by naturally occurring amethyst geodes with the combination of a dirty aged human skull.

The process was started with applying a plastic bald cap with Telesis Adhesive to conceal the model’s hair and ears. Wolfe FX water-based makeup in Black was put on the shoulders and lower part of the face to help the body blend into the black background. Wolfe Bros in White is used to lightly map out the skull. No stencils or projections were used in this creation. A base of Ben Nye Color Cake in Blithe Spirit was stippled in the skull areas to create a base for the airbrush colors. Everything was sprayed over with Skin Illustrator’s Blue Marble Sealer.

Skin Illustrator color Rotten Stone was then airbrushed over the face to even out the initial color applied. Followed by the color Prairie Dust in the shadow areas and sporadically sprayed all over for texture. Illustrator color Dark Brun is then applied to deepen the shadow areas further. The same color was also applied by a brush to refine edges and create cranial suture lines. Black is then applied to the deepest areas as the final darkening layer. Once again, the entire look is sealed with Blue Marble Sealer. The color Sand from a Skin Illustrator palette was applied by brush to create sharp highlights, a few areas were also lightly stippled with this color to create softer highlights.

For the amethyst effect, a mixture of Skin IllustratorSand and Eggplant is used as a soft purple middle tone. Pure Sand color created the lighter outer edges of the crystals. The colors Eggplant and Violet were painted in to create textures — also a bit of black was added to give depth. Finally, Illustrator in White is used sparsely as hot spot highlights for select crystal shards.

A light spatter of Midnight Brown and Black was placed over the skull for added texture and imperfections. A final layer of Blue Marble Sealer was sprayed to protect the final crystal skull creation.

See the time lapse of the entire 3 hour process in the video included.

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