Marvel’s Daredevil Body Paint


Marvel’s Daredevil body paint is a recreation of Alex Maleev’s Vol 2 Issue #60 comic book cover art of the character. The issue was Part 5 of The King of Hell’s Kitchen story arc release in July 2004. A variant version of this cover can be seen in the first season’s final episode of the Netflix Original series “Daredevil”. This particular cover has always been a favorite of mine and in seeing it appear on the tv show I only then realized how it would make for a fun body paint.

A plastic bald cap was applied with Telesis 5 Adhesive to the model to conceal his hair and ears. Started with applying thin base of water activated cake makeup. In this step of this project I chose to use Red Wolfe Bros Hydro Cake. Then Prime Red Skin Illustrator from PPI Premiere Products is sponged over the areas. I found using the airbrush liquids to work faster than using directly from the palette. A blend of Skin Illustrator Blood Tone and Black were applied to the darker areas. All line work is Black Skin Illustrator Concentrate. No stencil or projection was used in the makeup process all work was created free hand.

The shadowy silhouette background is created out of four sheets of foam core painted with acrylic paints. Daredevil’s signature batons are also acrylic painted foam core. These props were created well in advance of the makeup and took around 2 hours.

A time lapse video of the entire 4 hour application and candid photos / selfies can be viewed in the Behind the Scenes news page. Click button Below

Behind the Scenes

Before becoming a makeup artist I worked at a comic book store just outside of Baltimore, MD. Alex Marleev’s cover art from Vol 2 #60 of Daredevil has always been a favorite of mine. It wasn’t until watching the TV show on Netflix that I was reminded of my love for this particular cover art.

I realized I had to attempt a body paint of it and that it would serve as a great follow up to last year’s well-received Silver Surfer.

This time around I am better equipped with video footage for anyone curious about the 4-hour application process. …Don’t worry. The video is edited down to a more tolerable 3 minutes 50 seconds.

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