Candyman: The Forbidden


Candyman is a film based off of Clive Barker’s short story from Books of Blood called The Forbidden

This is avant garde makeup inspired by a scene in the film in which Candyman’s mouth is filled with live bees. Bees and honey were all practical applications. It was not an effect created in post.

The model’s lower teeth and tongue were cast out of dental alginate. Then a stone copy was made and a plastic vacuum was created. Honeybees were purchased at  Bees were glued to the vacuum form using Beta Bond. The bees on her skin along with the mirror shards were applied with Telesis 5 from PPI Premiere Products Inc.

Skin was prepped with Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre and Smashbox Photo Finsh Primer. Graftobian HD Glamour Cream Foundation was then applied. Eye makeup is Skin Illustrator Warm Ochre, Blood Tone and Black applied with an airbrush. MAC Créme Brillance Gloss was then put over the eyelid. Skin Illustrator Rice Paper and Redrum applied to the lips.

Model : Chelsea Stardust

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