Marvel’s Silver Surfer Body Paint


Silver Surfer body paint is a recreation of Ron Lim’s comic book cover Vol 3 Issue #20 of the Marvel character released in February 1989.

Started the body paint by applying a plastic bald cap with Premiere Products Telesis 5 Adhesive on the model to conceal his hair and ears. A light layer of Kryolan Aquacolor in White was then sponged on as a base. Then Skin Illustrator colors White and Blue Bayou from PPI Premiere Products Inc where airbrushed. Skin Illustrator Black was hand painted to create the line art. Then BadAss Mini Stencil BAM2031 was used to get the classic Ben-Day dots on the chest of the character. No projection was used in the creation. This was a 6 hour process.

The board and rock were created with foam core and acrylic paints. The props took an additional 3 hours and were created prior to the body paint.

Photographed in front a black background with strong fill light. This lighting effect aids in flatten the appearance of the body paint and creating the 2D appearance. 

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