Marco Polo Pool Creature


This pool creature is a head to toe FX makeup created for Crypt TV’s Marco Polo directed by Chelsea Stardust and written by Emily M. Hagins.

Facial prosthetic is a pre made generic foam latex piece MF22 from the RBFX Catalog. Rubber urethane teeth were added to the piece to create the look of an anglerfish. The suit is a silver Morphsuit with latex and cotton texture build up in areas. Claws were created out of rubber urethane and a thin fabric used as webbing between the fingers was sewn into place. The face and suit was painted with Skin Illustrator airbrush colors. To finish the look colors from the Skin Illustrator Hair Aging Palette were applied to the entire creation to give a more shiny fish skin effect.

Makeup applied with Stephen Imhoff Jr. Short features actors Lisa Marie Summerscales, Matt Mercer and Folsom Keller as the aquatic monster. Cinematography Mark Evans.

  • FX

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