Terminator Body Paint


Terminator body paint is a 2D makeup illusion based off the endoskeleton of the T-800 from the Terminator franchise.

After the bald cap is applied with PPI silicone adhesive, the skin is based out with Kryolan Aquacolor Grey 32B. Using Wolfe FX Hydrocolor Black the details are drawn out. Shadows are airbrushed withSkin Illustrator Black. Teeth are painted using the color Sand out of the Illustrator The Grunge Palette. Highlights are created with combination of Illustrator white and Wolfe FX Hydrocolor White . The red glow effect is done by airbrushing with the Skin Illustrator color Redrum. The brighter parts of the eyes is hand painted with Wolfe FX Red.

The Terminator body paint took five hours to complete. Check out the time lapse of the process.

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