Aida Fire Alien


Aida Fire Alien is an FX makeup created using MF25, a three piece foam latex prosthetic from RBFX Studio sculpted by Mario Torres. Model is the very talented Kiki Carnage.

To start the makeup, silicone nipple covers and a plastic bald cap were applied using Premiere Products Inc. Telesis Silicone Adhesive. A thin base of Mel Products PAX Makeup in the color Shibui is then used to help blend the color of the cap to the model’s skin tone. Next, Ben Nye Color Cake Foundation PC-36 Cine Light Tan is lightly stippled to her skin followed by PC-2 Porcelain on the central parts of the torso.


Colors used on both body and prosthetics are the following Skin Illustrator colors.

Airbrush Colors

  • Golden Orche
  • Redrum
  • Prime Red
  • Purple Justice
  • Black

Palette Colors

  • Asylum
  • Darth Moss
  • Blood Tone
  • White
  • Midnight Brown
  • Rice Paper

Thorns are made out of Sculpey Soufflé oven bake clay in color Latte and adhered with Telesis.

Time lapse video shows the five and half hour makeup process of Aida.

  • FX

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