Drakken was a Defy Media/New Regency Prototype finalist short film directed by Matthew Francis Wilson. Violent mayhem following a wandering warrior into a small desert village in the dark fantasy short film. I had the pleasure to do special makeup effects along with Stephen Imhoff Jr.

Characters are applied with Skin Illustartor Sunburn 1 Glazing Spray from PPI Premiere Products Inc to simulate weather beaten skin from the desert elements. Along with Fleet Street Dirtworks. The disease gang of pillagers had prosaide transfer boils and were also applied with Fleet Street Dirtworks.

A prop knife was created for the head wound of one of the pillagers. We also created a diseased silicone stomach which was worn by a stunt man in the battle scene to create a gory practical effect of his final mortal wound.

Makeup Artist and additional FX: Net Suki

  • FX

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