Kruos: The Crystal Creature


The character of Kruos is an ancient cave dwelling creature that is slowly being consumed by his crystal magic ultimately becoming crystalized himself.

Crystal Creature Kruos FX makeup is based of an original creature design. The character is an ancient cave dwelling creature slowly being consumed by his crystal magic.  The makeup is created out of three encapsulated silicone prosthetics.  Glass and resin crystals were used in the head and face. Also acrylic nails and teeth were applied to complete the final look. Featured at Son of Monsterpalooza in Burbank California as a live makeup demo on the PPI Premiere Products Booth.

Molding, casting and application support by Stephen Imhoff, Jr.

The Creation Process

The creature and teeth were all sculpted out of Chavant NSP Medium. The cowl, face and chest prosthetics are casted out of encapsulated silicone. All pieces were painted using Skin Illustrator from PPI.

Then, Makeup Forever Star Powders were applied on top to create the iridescent effect. The teeth are a combination of dental acrylic and vacuum-form plastic. The victim skull — affectionately nicknamed “Buster” — attached to the staff was made of resin, with glass shards carefully glued by hand over the entire surface.


On Saturday September 19th 2015 I applied the Kruos makeup live — with the assistance of Stephen Imhoff, Jr. — on the PPI Products stage at Son of Monsterpalooza in Burbank, California.

This was the second time the look was completed. The first test makeup was applied one month prior to the Monsterpalooza demo, taking approximately three hours.

The video below features a time lapse of the first test makeup.

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