Fire Fairy


  • The Collective Cosmetics Eyeshadow – Blood, Helianthus, Space & Time, Varna Gold, Gleam | Mandala Palette – Coup De Etat, Lune, Screaming, Whispering, 2010
  • NYX Professional Makeup – Angel Veil Primer, Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, Glitters Lumi-Lite & Style Star, Liquid Suede in Alien
  • Skin Illustrator – Electric Orange, Jester Yellow & Cajun Red
  • Wolfe FX Hydrocolor – Black


Fire Fairy is a quick vibrant creature makeup. I created using mostly The Collective Cosmetics vegan handmade eyeshadows. Also decided to go a little more beauty with the look and adding gorgeous NYX glitters. The foam latex ears are reused from my Diaemus Bat makeup.

  • Creative

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