Zale is a fantasy fx character makeup created using a foam latex prosthetic from RBFX Studio. Reused latex ears from the Autumn makeup. Also made latex scales to help echo the beautiful scales of the forehead prosthetic to complete the look. Painted by hand and with an airbrush to get multiple textures.


The Collective Cosmetics

Moontwin Palette Highlighter

Dazzling Eyeshadow Singles

  • Abyss
  • Talisman


Skin Illustrator

  • Jester Yellow
  • Electric Orange
  • Blue Bayou
  • Mint Julep
  • White
  • Aged Black


  • Orange
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Light Blue

Kat Von D

  • Lash Liner in Trooper Black

NYX Cosmetics

  • Liquid Suede in Alien


Wig Is Fashion

👁Tigera Lenses by ColourVUE

  • FX

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