VHS Box Art Series: Creepshow


Creepshow Body Paint is a makeup based off the iconic artwork by Joanne Daley for the 1982 comedy horror anthology directed by George A. Romero.

This makeup was created using Skin Illustartor, Ben Nye and Wolfe FX products. Mouth color by MouthFX “Pitch Black”. The body paint took a total of 5 hours to complete.

The ghouls hair was created by painting card stock attached to the models head with two way tape. Ticket booth created with wood, foam board and plastic. Hood made out of headband and craft foam. Both pieces are hand painted and airbrushed using Createx Wicked paints. Progress pics of the props.

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Building Creepshow

The handmade booth is comprised of four wood boards. Its bottom slot was cut and sanded from a single piece of wood for maximum strength.

The curtains were cut out of red foam board and painted for 3D effect. The tassels were hand-painted individually without the use of stencils, then shaded with airbrush to create dimension.

The “Admission” and “…Being Scared” signs were painted using Createx Wicked Colors on illustration board. Both were attached to the booth using .04 Plastic to create a floating effect. The speaker was attached using aluminum wire.

The spiderwebs were created using thin styrene strips adhered into shape with epoxy resin, then painted to look like the ones featured on the cover. The spider was cut out of black card stock paper and highlights painted.

The hood was made of craft foam attached to a headband. The burlap texture was completed by hand, not using any stencils. Painted with Createx Wicked Colors Sepia, Brown, Black and Golden acrylic White.

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Creepshow VHS Box Art Recreation
Original Creepshow VHS Box Art
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