Tarman Face Paint


Tarman Face Paint is a 2D makeup of the zombie character in the 1985 cult horror film The Return of the Living Dead.

To start the look, the eyebrows are glued down and a bald cap was applied using Telesis Silicone Adhesive. Skin Illustrator airbrush colors Dark Brun and Black are used in the entire look. Drips are created with the Dark Flesh Tone Palette colors Midnight Brown, Espresso 1, Espresso 2, Chocolate and small amounts of Bamboo 2. Golden Ochre is airbrushed on the forehead and lightly applied around the face to tie the look together. Finally, shine and highlight specks were painted with Illustrator White.

The eyes are shaded with Smashbox M6 & M7 from the Full Exposure Palette. Veins and eyeball agitation are Skin Illustrator Red Oxide with stippling of Prime Red. MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pots created the iris, color Constructivist with highlights of Bare Study. Final touch of white to brighten around the iris and for glints of light on the eye. Wolfe FX Hydrocolor Black is used for the pupil.

The complete look took five hours to complete. Watch the Tarman Face Paint Time Lapse video attached to see the whole process in two and half minutes.

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