Power of Makeup NYX


Power of Makeup NYX Face Awards entry for the 2018 Top 30 challenge.

The inspiration for the video was expression thru makeup allowing me to overcome my anxieties. Using makeup as a powerful platform to connect and speak to others.

In the intro the anxiety character lurked within the corners of my brain. Then becomes enticed by a lonely makeup palette.  The palette is a gateway for the colorful warrior character. In the narrative I used stop motion to show anxiety being broken and destroyed from the inside.  Revealing a colorful character that was to embody power and imagination.  The rainbow scaled armor and color changing horns were to show endless possibilities.



NYX Professional Makeup

  • Avant Pop! “Surreal My Heart”
  • Born to Glow – Sunbeam
  • Color Mascara – Forget Me Not
  • Faux White Eye Brightener – White Smoke
  • Gel Liner and Smudger – Jet Black
  • Glazed & Confused – Toxic
  • Hot Singles Eyeshadows – Electric, Epic, Frostbite, Glass Slipper
  • Intense Butter Gloss – Funnel Delight
  • Jumbo Eye Pencil – Milk and Black Bean
  • Lid Lingerie- Bad To The Bone
  • Liquid Suede – Alien, Little Denim Dress, Run The World
  • Love You So Mochi “Electric Pastels” Palette
  • Matte Finish Setting Spray
  • Matte Lipstick – Ultra Dare
  • Pigment – Magnetic and Diamond
  • Prismatic Shadows – Dark Swan and Dollface
  • SFX Creme Colour – Black, Fuchsia, White
  • SFX Set Powder
  • Thats The Point Eyeliner – Hella Fine and Super Edgy
  • Ultimate Multi-Finish Shadow Palette “Electric”
  • Wicked Lashes – On Another Level
  • Creative

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