Nightmare on Elm Street

1... 2... Freddy's Coming For You

Nightmare on Elm Street is a macro eye makeup inspired by the Wes Craven’s 1984 cult supernatural horror slasher film.

The miniature Freddy Krueger glove was created out of carefully carved pieces of balsa wood. There is a total of 13 pieces glued together to create the completed piece. Tiny rivets were added by using Modge Podge Dimensional Magic. It was then sealed with white craft glue and painted using Skin Illustrator Black, Copper and Sterling.

Wolfe Brothers Hydrocolors in Red and Green were sponged on over the eye area to create a texture to emulate Freddy’s iconic sweater. The eye was then lined with Inglot AMC Liner Gel in color 77. Finally the finished mini glove was glued to the lash line using Telesis 5 Adhesive.

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