Lucky is a St. Patrick’s Day inspired macro makeup. The eye makeup includes a Irish celtic knot shamrock and knotted eyeliner wing detail.


This look was created by gluing down the eyebrow hair with PPI’s  Telesis 5 Adhesive, then smoothing the area with Kryolan brow wax. Then Skin Illustrator color Bonsai Green was airbrushed over the eye and under the lash line. The design was roughed out using Wolfe Hydrocolor in white. Since the Illustrator is water resistant this makes it easy to erase or change the outline. Once the design was created I then went over it with Skin Illustrator Mayan GoldBlack was then added to the negative area with in the knot and a border around the design. Lime Daiquiri was then painted around the area to give the design a glowing effect against the Bonsai Green. Smashbox waterproof eyeliner in Raven was put on the inner lash lines. False lashes and loose cosmetic glitter were also added to complete the look. Finally a light spray of Green Marble makeup sealer was applied.

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