Low Poly

Low Poly is an optical illusion body paint inspired by Outrun and synthwave aesthetics. A combination of a low poly face mesh used for 3D modeling and UV neon colors for a video game retro feel. The overlapping layers of the Suva Beauty FX Hydra Liners applied to create the look of RGB splitting to look more like a degraded retro video.


Suva Beauty

  • Grape Soda Hydra FX
  • Tracksuit Hydra FX
  • Fanny Pack Hydra FX
  • Scrunchie Hydra FX

Wolfe FX

  • Hydrocolor in Black
  • Hydrocolor in White

Skin Illustrator

  • Black

Kat Von D Beauty

  • Trooper Black

PPI Premiere Products

  • Telesis 8F & Thinner

👁 UV Electric Blue from OhMyKitty4U



This makeup was originally created as an Optical Illusion collaboration with fellow 2018 NYX Face Awards Top 30 contestants. Check out each of the artist involved below…








  • Creative

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