Friday the 13th


Friday the 13th eye macro is part of a series of horror villain inspired makeups. This one is a nod to the Friday the 13th horror slasher franchise started in 1980. The look is deconstructed interpretation of Jason Voorhees hockey mask as a wearable eye makeup. Complete with blood splatter and the red markings iconic to the killers mask. The black around the is circular to mimic the eye holes along with the addition of the smaller air holes. The wet lid nods to the gruesome history involving Crystal Lake.

To create this look the eyebrow was glued down and covered with Kryolan Eyebrow Plastic. Skin Illustrator Rice Paper was airbrushed around the area to pale it. Black Illustrator was then airbrushed around the eye and feathered as it went out. The holes and red marks were then applied using more Skin Illustrator. MAC Créme Brillance Gloss was applied to the lid. Finally Fleet Street Drying Blood in Dark was splattered to complete the look.

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