Bitter Birch

Bitter Birch is an original character I created for “The other half of me” makeup challenge hosted by SLWcrea8. The makeup was to fit into the world of her creation “Betula”.

For the look I also created a short back story for the character….

“Bitter Birch unable to grow to the heights of her sisters in the enchanted forest. She has become consumed by envy and resentment. The burning rage sickens the soil beneath her roots. Rotten vines begin to thrive in the toxic ground. She slowly poisons the beautiful forest while staying just out of view of Betula’s watchful eye.



  • Wolfe FX Hydrocolor in White, Yellow, Orange, Black
  • Skin Illustrator in White, Soot, Grass Stain, Din, Bourbon St. Amber, Electric Orange, Jester Yellow
  • Lisa Watier Eyeliner in White
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Waterline Eye Pencil in Black
  • Mouth FX in Pitch Black

The head piece is created out of scrapbook paper and latex to mimic the peeling effect birch tree bark is known for. Vines are foam latex and thin plastic thorns. Spikes cast out out of two part resin and attached with toupee tape.

Sclera contact lens are “Sabretooth” from OHMyKitty4U

  • FX

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