Aqua Bot

Aqua Bot is an original character created for an Instagram contest held by @butterflyjasmine49. The theme was to take two seemingly unrelated words and create a look based on them. I had chosen Aquatic & Robotic.

The makeup is heavily inspired by vintage diving suits. Also I have an unhealthy fascination with corrosion and distressed surfaces.

Octopus arms are fabricated out of card stock paper and thin armature wire attached to the back to make them posable.


  • The Collective Cosmetics – The Mandela Effect Palette “Tune”
  • Kryolan Aquacolor – 32B
  • Ben Nye – Sallow Green
  • Skin Illustrator – Sedona, Soot, Black, White, Darth Moss, Purple Justice, Sand, Prairie Dust, Dark Brun, Mint Julep
  • Green Marble Sealer
  • Zerocolor Powder
  • Wolfe FX – White, Black & Light blue Hydrocolor
  • NYX Professional Makeup – That’s the point eyeliner, Black bean jumbo eye pencil
  • Contact lens “Medusa” from Contact Lens Hub
  • Creative

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