Zombie Paint Tricks

Zombie paint tricks to help you create more effective undead makeups. These techniques work great with or without prosthetics and on other fantasy or character makeup looks. In the video, I’ll be using Skin Illustrator Necromania and Grunge Palettes, which are alcohol-activated makeups. These painting tricks can also be applied using water-activated makeups like Mehron Paradise Paint.

One technique for achieving a translucent skin effect is called Noodling or Modeling. Although this method is typically done using an airbrush, it can also be accomplished by hand with similar results.

To create a more emaciated, dried-out appearance for the skin, you can use the Contouring technique. For a more advanced infection look, you can go to greater extremes. This step is easy with an airbrush or by using a brush with dried pigments like eyeshadows.

Once you’ve finished contouring, the Breakup technique is used to create texture and further enhance realism by breaking up any straight, harsh lines from either noodling or contouring.


There are three different ways to achieve texture with breakup:

  • Spatter is the simplest method. You can thin the makeup to create larger, softer dots or use it more concentrated for a smaller, more opaque look.
  • Stippling involves using a stipple brush, such as the ones created by Bdellium Brushes, which come in different sizes to achieve different effects.
  • Stamping is done using a sponge to create textures. A torn makeup sponge is ideal for this technique, and multiple layers can be applied to achieve a similar effect to the airbrush noodling method.


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Want to Create the Look?

See how to make the latex bald cap, texture pieces and easy silicone veins used in the look. Also learn how to paint better veins for your makeups.

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